Fine Art in Solid Surface

Corian Carvings Designed and Created 
by Becki Babb

MaskNigerian.jpg (77330 bytes)     Carved Corian(r) Tikar Mask and Stand     Carved and Painted Corian(r)Tikar Mask

Relief Carved and Painted Corian(r) set within a Shadow Box Wooden Frame with Back Lighting     Carved and Cut Out Corian(r) Heron in the Mangroves, Used to Frame a Large Bathroom Mirror     Relief Carved Corian(r) with Back Lighting of a Hummingbird and Trumpet Flower

 Corian(r) Relief Carved Grape Vine filled with Color Inlay    Relief Carved and Painted Hi-Macs Tropical Fish     Multi Color Inlay in Corian(r) Countertop to Coordinate with the Hand Painted Sink

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Becki Babb Artist / Sculptress

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