Fine Art in Solid Surface

Sculptures in LG HiMacs
Designed and Created by Becki Babb

The Following Sculptures are Created 

within a Twenty-Two inch LG HiMacs Ring

Floral Sculpture Created in LG HiMacs          Contemporary Clock Created in LG HiMacs

Sculpture of Frog on a Leaf Carved in LG HiMacs by Becki Babb        Tropical Fish Reef Carving within a 22" Ring Created in LG HiMacs

Sculpture of the World with a Ribbon Carved in LG HiMacs       Horse WeatherVane Sculpture Created in LG HiMacs

Bamboo and Balancing Dragonflys in a Twenty Two inch Ring Sculpted in LG HiMacs

Samples made for LG Hi-Macs to Show Disney

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BECKI BABB / Artist ~ Sculptress
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