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Hi Macs Floral Sculpture set within a 22 inch Ring     Corian(r) sample created for DuPont with Relief Carving, Relief Carved Inlay, Painted Corian(r) and Appliqued Glass
Types Of Carvings
& How We Work

Relief Carved and Painted Corian (r) Back Splash    Functional Art     Matching Decorative Corian(r) Canisters
 ~  Counter Tops ~ Back Splashes ~ Shower Walls ~

Solid Surface Dolphin Pedistal Sink Base
Dolphin Pedestal Sink Base

Flying Eagle relief carved in Cameo White Corian(r) with American Flag Painted on the back. The Flag comes to life when Back Lighting is Added.
Solid Surface with Back Lighting

Relief Carved Corian(r) Cutting Board     Accessories    Relief Carved Corian(r) Bowl
~  Cutting Boards ~ Bowls ~ Tiles ~ Game Boards ~

Corian(r) Rose Carved by Becki Babb - Corian(r) Mantel Clock Created by Neal Hall     Fanciful Art    Chipmonk Corian(r) Sculpture
~ Free Standing Sculptures ~ Balancing Sculptures ~ 
~ Mobiles ~

DuPont Company Corporate Gift ~ Corian(r) Sculpture Land, Sea and Sky

Awards & Corporate Gifts

LG HiMacs Booth with Carvings by Becki Babb  Carvings In LG HiMacs  Clock Created By Becki Babb Using LG HiMacs

Relief Carving with Back Lighting in LG HiMacs by Becki Babb

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Becki Babb Carving at Ceasar's Palace "Dusty Demo" ISSFA 2001

About the Artist Becki Babb

First Issue of Solid Surface Magazine by Mike Duggan

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