Fine Art in Solid Surface

 Corian(r) Deep Etched Sailboat in a Shower Wall    Sailboat relief carved and etched Carved Corian(r) Sail Fish Caddy Frame
in a Corian® Shower Panel leaving the surface textured.
Coordinating Corian® Shower Caddy with a relief carved Sailfish.    

Corian(r) Shower Wall Relief Carved Tropical Reef, Painted and Filled in Clear Acrylic     Tropical Fish Reef in a Corian® Shower Panel. 
The design is Relief Carved, Painted and Filled in a Clear Acrylic.

Gecko and Lady Bug Door Bell Corian(r) Designed and Created by Becki Babb
Nine inch x Nine inch x half inch Decorative Corian® Door Bell Plaque
with Sculpted and Painted Gecko.
The Lady Bug is the Door Bell Button

Matching Decorative Corian® Tropical Fish Knobs    Decorative Corian(r) Fish Knobs

Relief Carved, Painted and Filled Pelican in Corian(r) Shower Wall    Pelican and Sea Oats in a Corian® shower panel. 
The Design is Relief Carved, Painted and Filled in a Clear Acrylic.

Relief Carved Corian® Floral Inlay Created to     Relief Carved Corian(r) Countertop with Tinted Color Floral Inlay
coordinate with the Existing Tile.

Corian(r) Relief Carved Cut Out Banana Leaves with a Relief Carved Rope Edge In the Countertop.    This  Corian® backsplash is relief carved and
freeform cut to look like banana leaves. The edge has a specially
relief carved rope in the face of the countertop.

Corian(r) Back Splash Panels with Carved Appliques set within a marble frame          Koi Fish and Iris Theme           Corian(r) Back Splash Panel with Relief Carved and Appliqued Koi Fish and Iris Flower Carved in the Round
Three Corian® backsplash panels recessed into a tumbled marble frames. 
The close up photo of the single relief carving shown has an appliquéd Koi Fish 
and a fully sculpted Iris Flower Appliqué. 

Tropical Fish Reef with Various Corian(r) Relief Carvings Appliqued onto a Glacier White Back Splash.    This full height backsplash design is created using two techniques. The fish, seahorses and shell are relief carved and appliquéd 
onto the full height back splash. The coral branches are color filled directly

 Relief Carved Corian® Vanity Top with Floral Design  Relief Carved and Tinted Fill Corian(r) Floral in A Vanity Top  

Embossed and Painted Corian(r) Back and Side Splashes     Full Height Corian® Back Splash with Music Notes Embossed and Painted. The Corian® Side Splashes are cut and Carved to look like Grand Pianos.


Decorative Cabinet Door Inserts


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