Fine Art in Solid Surface

Sculptures in Corian®
Designed & Created by Becki Babb

Carved Corian(r) Make up Mirror with Dog Wood Branchs and Flowers - Carved Live Flower Vase with Hummingbird     King Charles Spaniel Sculpture Carved in Corian(r)

Corian(r) Sculpture of an Iris      Corian(r) Sculpture of a Trillium

Corian(r) Sculpture of a Sail Boat     Corian(r) Sculpture of a Chipmonk

Corian(r) Sculpture of a Rainbow Trout      Corian(r) Sculpture of a Whale

Size ten Corian(r) Cowboy Boot with Corian(r) Thistle Flowers     Corian(r) Carved Vase with Corian(r) Sculpted Flowers

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Becki Babb ~ Artist/Sculptress

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