Fine Art in Solid Surface

Corian(r) Scrolled Mantel Clock by Neal Hall ~ Corian(r) Rose Innertwined within the Mantel Clock by Becki Babb

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Carved and Painted Corian(r) Tikar Mask
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Chipmonk Sculpture Created in Corian(r)

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Corian(r) Tropical Fish Sculpture Suspended by One Monofilament String

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& Sculptures with Balance

Corian(r) Balancing Dragonfly on a Corian(r) Sculpted Tennis Ball

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Corian(r) Sculpted Balancing Humming Bird on a Vanilla Bean Flower

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Floral Sculptures with Balance


Multi Media Sculpture Designed and Created by Becki Babb for DuPont Corian(r)

Keep in mind there are endless combinations of Materials to Create with, Solid Surface, Granite, Marble, Glass, Tile, Wood, Shells, Canvas, to Name a Few!!

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BECKI BABB / Artist ~ Sculptress
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