Fine Art in Solid Surface

Decorative Cabinet Door Inserts

These Decorative Cabinet Door Inserts will add Elegance and Interest in settings throughout the home, office, personal yacht ... 
The classy soft glow of back lighting, will add a special ambience to any setting!

CabDoor-HeronReeds.jpg (27357 bytes)       CabDoor-BLPHeronReeds.jpg (36735 bytes)
Hand Carved Solid Surface Cabinet Door inserts with Sculpted 3D Reeds.
When Back Lighting is added the colors Hand Painted on the back come alive!

BL-Grapes.jpg (55297 bytes)
Hand Carved Corian® Cabinet Door insert with Back Lighting.

TulipShell-Wood.jpg (53958 bytes)     BL-TulipShell-Wood.jpg (41893 bytes)
Cabinet Door Insert with Carved Corian® Shell Inlaid in a Wood Panel.
Shown With and Without Back Lighting.

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BECKI BABB / Artist ~ Sculptress
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