Fine Art in Solid Surface

Designed and Created
by Becki Babb

Multi Media Sculpture with Solid Corian(r) Sphere and Balancing Bird      Corian(r) Sculpture with Figures and Balancing Bird

Corian(r) Relief Carving with Back Lighting in Shadow Box    Painted Corian(r) Relief Carving in a Shadow Box with Back Lighting

Corian(r) Soccor Ball - Weighs Nine Pounds!     

Corian(r) Sculpture with Marlin on a Wave      Corian(r) Sculpture of a Cool Running Dolphin Skier

Carved Corian(r) Wine Bottles    Two Part Corian(r) Award with Solid Corian(r) Sphere

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BECKI BABB / Artist ~ Sculptress
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