Fine Art in Solid Surface

Decorative Corian® Accessories
Designed and Created by Becki Babb

Corian(r) Koi Fish and Iris Flower Appliques   Corian® Appliqués   Corian(r) Bird of Paradise Flower Carved and Painted Applique

Corian(r) Backgammon Board and Floral Balancing Hummingbird Sculpture  Corian® Back Gammon Board
The Decorative Back Gammon Board is created with a Sea Life Theme. The Balancing Hummingbird on a Flower in the foreground is also Created in Corian®.

Decorative Corian(r) Chess Board - Golfing ThemeCorian® Chess Board
The Decorative Chess Board is created with a Golfing Theme.

 Soap Dispenser With Carved Corian(r) Manatees Corian® Soap Dispensers
Glass soap dispensers with Carved Corian® Manatees and Reeds for more Fun!

Corian(r) Koi Towel Hook    Corian® Carved Koi Fish Towel Hook
Click here to see more!

 Decorative Corian(r) Carved and Painted Canisters  Corian® Canisters
Carved Corian® Canister Set Carved to look like Marble with added detailed
Painting by Todd A. Babb

Half inch thick Corian(r) Cutting Board with a Hummingbird  Corian® Cutting Boards
Click here to see more Cutting Boards

Corian(r) Dolphin Bowl  Corian® Free Form Dolphin Bowl
Click here to see more Custom Carved Bowls.

Carved Corian(r) Spoon Rest   Corian® Spoon Rest
The Koi Fish Tails hold the Spoon Handles.

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BECKI BABB / Artist ~ Sculptress
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