Fine Art in Solid Surface

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Becki Babb Artist / Sculptress

Bird of Paradise Corian(r) Sculpture with Painted Flowers   Rob's Bird of Paradise  Corian(r) Bird of Paradise Sculpture with Painted Flowers
Corian© Floral Sculpture With Painted Flowers

Corian(r) Carved Tropical Fish Reef   Steven's Reef   Corian(r) Carved Tropical Fish Reef
Carved Corian® Tropical Fish Reef

Hippo Mom and Baby Carved and Faux Painted Corian(r) Mother Hippo and Baby Sculpted in Corian® and Faux Painted to look like Ivory.

Elk Trumpeting Carved in Corian(r)  Elk Carved in Corian®

Armodillos and Flowering Cactus Carved in Corian(r)  Armadillos and Flowering Cactus Carved in Corian®

Miniature Mamouth Carved in Corian(r)   Miniature Mammoth Carved in Corian®

Carved and Painted Corian(r) Rose   Carved and Painted Corian® Rose

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BECKI BABB / Artist ~ Sculptress
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