Fine Art in Solid Surface


Decorative Corian(r) Panel 48" x 22" Relief Carved by Becki Babb Painted by Todd A. Babb    Combined Artistry of
Todd A. Babb and Becki Babb
This piece entitled Desert Rush shows cameo white Corian® panel Relief Carved and Designed by Becki Babb and Painted by Artist Todd A. Babb.

Lighted & Faux Painted Wooden Box with Corian(r) Accent Panels and 3-D Mermaid Sculpture    Combined Artistry of
Terence Flannery and Becki Babb

This piece entitled Neptune's Lantern was inspired by the Writing and Rendering of Artist Terence Flannery. The beautifully faux painted wooden  piece Designed and Created by Terence Flannery holds the four  back lit carved Corian® panels, rope and Mermaid Sculpture Carved by Becki Babb.
This piece rests on the carved Corian® base with the story hand engraved into a Corian® plaque carved as a scrolled paper washed up on the shore.

 Corian Oak Leaf Mantel Clock and Rose    Combined Artistry of
Neal Hall and Becki Babb
This piece entitled Nectar of Time shows the scroll sawn Corian® Oak Leaf Mantel Clock Designed and Created  by Neal Hall. The Corian® Rose is Designed and Created by Becki Babb. The leaves and stem of the Corian® flower intertwine in the Oak Leaf Mantel Clock base.

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BECKI BABB / Artist ~ Sculptress
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