Fine Art in Solid Surface

Designed & Created by Becki Babb

Cygnus Expo        Innovation 2005 - Created for Cygnus Expo - Sculpted Corian(r) Swan        Cygnus Sponsor Award - Relief Carved Corian(r)

ISSFA 2005 Awards - Created in Corian(r)       Corian(r) Award With Home Depot "Homer" Carved and Painted in Corian       DuPont Company Corporate Gift Created in Corian(r) - Etched World is Solid Corian(r)

Corian(r) Award ISSFA 2000        Corian(r) Carved Eagle Award for ISSFA 2002        Hi-Macs Carved Award for ISSFA 2003

ISSFA Award 2001        Corian(r) Corporate Gift with Gator Head        Corian(r) Corporate Gift with Bronco Horse Head

Carved Corian(r) Magna 1997 Award       Corian(r) Carved Magna Award 1996        Carved Corian(r) Magna 1998 Award

Corian(r) two part Award with the World etched into a Corian(r) Sphere        Corian(r) 2 Part Award with World Etched in Ball Cradled in Corian(r) Twist

Harley Bike Carved and Painted in Corian(r) as a 3-D Sculpture        Corian(r) Carved Harley - Corporate Gift

Corian(r) Sculpture of an Elk -  Corporate Gift

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BECKI BABB / Artist ~ Sculptress
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